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Drunk Driving Alcohol Courses

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Drunk Driving Alcohol Courses
There are a number of penalties that you can expect to face if you are ever convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). For starters, you could be fined hundreds or thousands of dollars and your driving privileges will almost certainly be revoked. What’s more, depending on the laws in your area, your sentence may even include jail time, probation, and/or drunk driving alcohol courses.

To deter future DUIs, many states now require first-time offenders to undergo counseling and/or treatment for substance abuse. Typically, these programs must be approved by the court prior to enrollment—and keep in mind that you are responsible for the cost of attending them (usually $150 or more). In most cases, your driving privileges can also not be restored until you submit proof that you have completed the required program.  

Although each course is different, most alcohol treatment programs cover topics such as the effects of alcohol, the dangers of driving under the influence, and a brief overview of your state’s DUI laws. A number of these programs also require participants to undergo a psychological evaluation prior to attending. Since these evaluations are designed to identify signs of substance abuse, you may be required to take additional courses if your results indicate further treatment is needed.

Finally, the court may also order you to participate in a victim’s awareness group as part of your DUI sentence. Sponsored by non-profit groups like MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving), these panels typically involve speakers—usually a friend or family member of a person killed by a drunk driver—sharing personal stories about their loved ones and discussing the impact losing them has had on their lives. Designed to be non-confrontational, these presentations are used to help drivers better understand the consequences of their actions and make them think before getting behind the wheel after drinking.

If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence, the first thing you should do is locate an attorney who exclusively handles DUI cases. Unlike lawyers who practice several areas of law, a DUI attorney has specialized training in drunk driving defense—and this knowledge can come in handy when it’s time to challenge your arrest.

William C. Head, an Atlanta DUI lawyer, says "In some cases, your attorney may even be able to convince the judge to reduce or dismiss your charges if you agree to complete a drunk driving alcohol course."

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